Get well soon... RIP as well.
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Thread: Get well soon... RIP as well.

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    Get well soon... RIP as well.

    Just found out that a couple of nights ago at about 2am a friends brother in law was struck by a cager. His name is Greg Eng and he was riding a ninja.
    If anyone knows him he is in hospital without memory and in serious condition.

    Now I'm not sure as to what the second part of this story is but I had heard that a female had died as well from a motorcycle accident. Whether she was just (in the bed next to him at the hospital) or was a friend riding next to him as well I'm not entirely sure.

    But best wishes to gregs family and hope he has a speedy recovery and my condolences to the womans family.
    Also I think the story is that this is a hit and run as well in case anyone was wondering.
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    Sad news brother , well wishes for your friend and his family .......
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    Get well soon...RIP rider.
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    Wish you a speedy recovery..........& RIP Rider.
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