FJR bites it on Duffey Lake Rd
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Thread: FJR bites it on Duffey Lake Rd

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    FJR bites it on Duffey Lake Rd

    This was sent to me via a VFR forum. The location is supposed to be on the Duffey Lake Rd. No, it's not my FJR. By looking at the rest of the pic's in the album, it's between Mt. Currie and the switchbacks. I think I know the curve and it's a bit deceptive. I think there's a slow to 60 sign there and they mean it. There's also often a bit of sand / gravel in that curve.
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    Here are the couple shots, saves you wading through the boredom:

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    Yeah that's down on the flats after Mt Currie, before the uphill if you're travelling north.. Those can be tricky ..

    Trust the rider's okay.
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    You had me going David. Glad it's not you.
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    This is BCSB , I think you meant to post this on DSBC , they are always doing those crazy off road rides ............Hope rider is ok ( and fully insured)
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    "Dave's FJR nestled in the bushes... it looks so peaceful, but note the front tire is pressed up against the radiator"

    Ouch. Hope this guy is OK.
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