riding routes on the Island?
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Thread: riding routes on the Island?

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    Smile riding routes on the Island?

    Good day everyone.

    I am thinking about heading to Vancouver Island for some riding. Does anyone know of good twisty roads to visit around Campbell river, Nanaimo and Victoria area?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Head west from Cambell Rv to Gold River , 88 km road good shape ,little enforcement , great scenery with some long straights for the Hyabusa crowd and some nice tight corners around lakes for the knee draggers .
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    Gold River is a great ride - just did it the last two Sundays, pavement is clear, but LOTS of RV traffic. We had an incident last weekend on the memorial ride where some dumbass wouldn't get out of the passing lane headed back to Campbell River and just at the end of the double lanes two trucks towing boats started to merge in on us and the bitchin the truck blocking the fast lane lost her HUGE foamie and even a baby stroller, and decided to finger us when we pulled up next to her to tell her to pull over! Luckily the foamie soared over our heads, and while the stroller sprung open it got hung up on the tailgate so we didn't have to dodge that as well as the mattress.

    Lots of good routes in Victoria as well - Port Renfrew, Jordan River... haven't done either of these myself, and then there's the goat trails between Nanaimo, Duncan, Cowichan which provide LOTS of fun little twisties.

    Check out www.islandriders.ca, won't promise but am almost certain that most of the locals will be willing to point out a few of the local routes worth spending a day to check out...
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    Do the Prospect Lake Road. The best and only way of getting from the ferry to Victoria. You will LOVE IT!

    From there to Port Renfrew and then off to Cowichan or whatever it's called lake. Everything is paved but a 20' gap.
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    Doesn't belong in 'going for a ride'.

    As for the question, you can try islandriders as well.

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    +1 for gold river. awesome ride

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    My mom and dad moved to the island and we did a nice day loop from Cobble Hill, out to Lake Cowichan (Take the old Cowichan Lake Road, not highway 18), down the paved logging route to Port Renfrew, and then back via Sooke.

    The Lake Cowichan rode was super bumpy, as was the road to Port Renfrew but ZERO traffic on both (and this was the Saturday long weekend in August), and then Port Renfrew to Sooke was a blast, pretty good pavement (bit bumpy) but tons of fun.

    http://maps.google.ca/maps?f=d&source=s_d&saddr=Cobble+Hill,+Cowichan+Va lley+C,+BC&daddr=Cowichan+Lake+Rd+to:Cowichan+Lake +Rd+to:Cowichan+Lake+Rd+to:lake+cowichan+bc+to:Por t+Renfrew,+Capital+H+(Part+2),+BC+to:sooke+bc+to:c obble+hill&geocode=%3BFTKC6AIdcOCf-A%3BFZtJ6AIdAp2e-A%3BFY-l6AIdIO2c-A%3B%3B%3B%3B&hl=en&mra=ls&via=1,2,3&sll=48.644706 ,-123.598938&sspn=0.163327,0.308647&ie=UTF8&z=10

    Next time we'll head north and try gold river! But if you want a nice day loop around that area I would recommend this one.

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    Stay away!!

    The roads are really crappy here. Full of cars and big trucks and old grey haired ladies who can't see over the steering wheel. Oh, and lots of killer deer too.
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