is it possible?
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Thread: is it possible?

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    its fast....

    is it possible?

    I have a very old 2 stroke bike, a 74 yamaha mx360 that i wouldent mind making into a 'tard or even dual sport.
    I dont want to spend too much on it or i would just get a newer ktm already done.

    I have found some dot rated tires to fit the stock rims, and after i put lights on it, whats next?, I have no registration for it so i was looking at the bc assigned vin program, but it says nothing about bikes.
    Being a 2 stroke, will it even pass?
    do i need a charging system or am i able to just charge it up at home as i wouldent be riding all that much with it anyways (i would have a main battery and a secondary battery as an emergency backup hooked up with a small switch).

    anyone have any parts for sale i might need???
    Thanks in advance.

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    I'd say it's unsuited to either being 'tarded or serving duty as a dual sport.

    Any time spent on it would probably be better as a restoration. There aren't too many of those about.
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