Biker down? - Arthur Laing South end
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Thread: Biker down? - Arthur Laing South end

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    Biker down? - Arthur Laing South end

    Heading to Vancouver over the Arthur Laing. Just did that S-ramp and turned northbound to head onto the bridge and saw these ambulances and police cruisers on the other side of the road at the southbound end of the Arthur Laing, just south of where the Canada Line crosses over the bridge.

    This was on 23 Aug 2009, at around 2pm.

    There were a whole bunch of sportbikes parked on the side of the road at the accident scene. Was this a BCSB group ride? Anyone know what happened?

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    Quote Originally Posted by slammer111 View Post
    This was on 23 Aug 2009, at around 2pm.
    Just got back on your time macine, did you?

    In any case, I hope the rider(s) is (are) .....or will be....ok

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    Hmm; I must have missed that as I am in that area a lot; but it would not surprise me; it is a very very bad area for bikes there. There are always a ton of accidents in that area.

    More over; the roads are very poorly maintained there and I think IIRC it has something to do with the fact that the airport island is not maintained by the Richmond Engineering guys but rather is contracted out to a 3rd party company...

    They do an extremely shit job when it is snowing or there is ice... They are horrible!
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    My wife heard about it on the radio, didn't mention if rider died or not.
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