Motomaster $20 Trickle Charger
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Thread: Motomaster $20 Trickle Charger

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    Motomaster $20 Trickle Charger

    Is it a good idea to leave my motorcycle battery connected to a Canadian Tire trickle charger over the winter? Not sure if it is intelligent like motorcycle specific battery terders...

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    They're all "Made in China"
    DO NOT LEAVE it on the battery over the winter. It will overcharge your battery and ruin it. I have the same one and it does not behave like a battery tender. It gives out a continuous charge all the time. It cannot detect overcharging.

    I only use mine twice a week. I leave it on the battery no more that 5 hours and take it out.
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    yup, don't leave it on.. i wrecked a battery like that.

    If you want to leave one on for the winter, find a battery tender jr or equivalent.
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    Two words - BATTERY TENDER. All you'll ever need. Forget about the cheap chargers from Cantonese Tire.
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    Cheap chargers from Canadian tire?
    They sell the Ctek 3300. One of the best ones you can buy for charging AND tending. $80.

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    I haven't tried the Ctek, but for $45, the Battery Tender is fool proof. Why, it might even be BCSB proof ;-)
    Canadian Tire sells ;
    trickle chargers (small amperage, but do NOT shut themselves off)
    automatic chargers (same as above, never go above rated current, but will still fry your battery, ESPECIALLY maintenance free ones)
    I love Canadian Tire for lots of stuff, but not motorcycle stuff.
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