Hello everyone, My name is Joey. I live in panama city, FL. I am currently a subaru tech, Blah blah.

My question for you all is

I have a 2003 ZX6r, Power commander, Scorpion slip on, K&N filter, lowered.... etc....

Well I have been having a problem with my FI light comming on at idle and under light throttle cruising, Turns off once you give it gas or go WOT.
I read the code and its giving me - 62 Subthrottle valve actuator malfunction, wiring open or short

Checked my wiring and everything is good. I messed alittle bit with the subthrottle valves to see if anything was acting weird. They do the full motion when the car is turned on, when the "sensor" is unplugged they go fully open and stay there.

Any idea's? I'm thinking time to replace the entire motor/sensor on the sub throttle valves. May be pricey though.