Road to Tulameen - paved ?
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Thread: Road to Tulameen - paved ?

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    Road to Tulameen - paved ?

    I've never been to Tulameen before and it might make a nice change instead of the Hope-Princeton ( if you can stand a stretch of the CocaCola Hwy.)

    Can anyone tell me if the road from Hwy 5 through Tulameen to Princeton is paved all the way. All I've been able to find out is that there is some road work currently under way to the west.

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    There is road work being done in some areas outside princeton, when I went there about 2 months ago. Generally speaking though, its all paved, but there are spots were the gravel on the side of the road spills on the pavement a bit. Careful on your turns.

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    its gravel from the cok to tulameen then paved from there to princeton
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    Tulameen east to Princeton is paved, but it's old pavement in spots, and as someone said gravel tends to slide down the adjacent hills and onto the road in places. There are some really nice cliffs on the outsides of some corners, so watch the gravel or you'll be taking a flyer off one.

    Tulameen west to the Coquihalla is gravel, but I haven't a clue whether it's rideable.
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    Local yokel here. Take 5A south off the Coquihalla toward Aspen Grove and ride it to Princeton; then take the Coalmont Road all the way into Tulameen. On your way down 5A you will go past the Otter Lake turn off and this is the back way into Tulameen. Don't do it because it is gravel. Should this road ever get paved - it will create a loop that will become a favorite of BCSB riders in easy reach of Vancouver.

    You will totally enjoy the 5A between Merritt and Princeton. I rode it yesterday after work. Just watch for deer and those lazy drivers who cut corners into your lane. Had a real close one yesterday, and it showed me that Attention Deficit Disorder is a big problem for many motorists. Ride safe.

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    I road from Princton to Tulameen a few weeks ago and the road had a bit of gravel on some of the turns but in general was in good shap. Most of the gravel was just ourside of Princton then it was clear the rest of the way up to otter lake. There are some bumpy sections but in general the road was in good condistions with constent twistys.
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