Just wanted to give a heads up as I have for the locals - local online news last week stated that the highway between Port Alberni and Tofino/Ucluelet is supposed to be a bit of a gong show for another 3-4 weeks as they are halfway through their road resurfacing project.

There are some stretches of gravel, and lots of delays apparently - I haven't ridden out this way yet this season, but live in Port Alberni, and there's been a few reports of bikes down over the scanner... so if you're planning a day ride on the island - unless you have lots of time for delays and are willing to do some light off roading on 2 wheels, I would suggest postponing or re-planning your ride and avoiding the West Coast for a bit.

Construction was anticipated to be a 6 week longish project, and started first or second week of August...

Just a heads up!

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