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    fixing my bike

    i have a question i wrote off my 98 gsxr600 in the early summer and i wasnt covered for insurance so its been sitting in my garage for a while i keep putting it off as a winter project and im just starting i just have some questions if anybody can answer thx im going to try and fix it myself with used parts.
    1.) after i fix it can i insure it?
    2.) is there an inspection needed b4 insuring it?
    3.)the subframe broke off and took a little chunk where it meets the frame can i just aluminum weld it or something?

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    No welding or drillin' the frame....
    So I've been told, loses strength and integrity, thats bad news at 260kph....

    Check ya later.....

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    If ICBC has never seen a claim on your bike they won't know it ever went down. So you should be able to get insurance.

    If your rebuilding your bike and you say its written off (cracked frame), have someone qualified check it before you start your rebuilt. You may have bent/cracked your frame, tweeked your forks or something else.

    Call up a shop and ask them if they'd inspect the bike (or the critical parts) to see if its salvagable.
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    alright thx guys

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