after a long summer of tues night racing ,they had a free bbq and fun night for all the racers..
1 practice session started it off and it was extended so that was cool,then moved onto the the egg/spoon race were you do a lap with a rider facing backwards holding the egg on a spoon.that was just hilarious and had some real characters out there

then moved onto a relay race were,they had a rider from each class pretty much from peewee to vet on your team,each did a lap and tag off.very fun.mitch's team won the damn thing!

then we moved onto the dash for cash! all done by random,so you could run against pro's and dont know.winner moves on.i got into the 2nd of 3 rounds,doing the monster new table in near dark was just plain nuts let alone the 2 sets of doubles!i coulnt see the 120 table landing.i hit the gate in my start in round 2 and finished 2nd

the food was good and eveyone had a blast!if you have a chance try to get to a tues night practice before its over its a awesome new track design was some big air to be had

hers a couple pics,once daylight ran out cameras sucked.