Mini Racing September 13, 2009
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Thread: Mini Racing September 13, 2009

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    Mini Racing September 13, 2009

    Join the mini racing crew of the PCMRC September 13 for Round 4 of their provincial series at Greg Moore Raceway.

    For those who havent seen GMR, go here:

    Demo bikes available for those who want to try mini racing out including a Honda CBR125r.

    Racing for all ages and skill levels!

    For more info on the PCMRC go to

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    Mini racing would be big fun - 20 years ago 4 of us started Honda CB 160's in the vintage races. Simple rules.
    No messing with the stock motors
    In a race you had to be able to touch another rider, except the last lap which was a free for all.

    I bought a CB 160 for 100 bucks, spent another 150 on tires and a few hours making it a road racer, rearsets, clip ons, trick seat, all made from whatever could be scrounged.

    Made for some great pictures of a four pack in the hairpin at Westwood Seattle and Portland

    Only two problems. The fist was that you could hold it wide open all the way around, then get on the real race bike and try the same ---

    Next was that my vinatge racer was a right hand shift - left hand brake. I seem to be OK swapping today, but that poor Honda got wound out in 3 and shifted into second more than once.

    Looks like it's all too serious today!!

    Don't know if this link will work

    Tim Fowler (still using #219 in the pic) was one of the originals along with My Brother (220) and I (222) and another friend (221) who now lives in Nelson made up the foursome.

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    For those of you that think you'd like to try your hand at racing but are worried about it being too expensive or did try and found it too expensive you really need to come out and see this and try a test ride at lunch. Mini road racing is a small fraction of the cost of regular road racing and only a teeny tiny bit less fun. Actually scratch that. When you're leaned over to the max on any bike and rubbing wheels and elbows speed really doesn't matter. Mini Racing is by far the best bang for the buck you'll find where there's two wheel motorized competition involved.

    The next event is Sept 13 at GMR out in the 'Wack. Bring your gear and show up prior to lunch and make yourself known decently in advance to one of the higher ups.
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