Hey I just sold my bike and wanna sell a few more things:

Like New Xena Security Disc Lock Alarm - XE15 Yellow w/ Black lid
$80 obo.

Leather Vintage Michael Jordan Racing Team Jacket
Awsome jacket for summer and fall. Its like no other Jordan Jacket that you have seen...it was very hard to find.
$270 obo.

HJC Helmet the model is CL 15 or similar
$70 obo.

2 Pairs of gloves:
One pair is Black with carbon fibre (Very nice gloves) XL
$40 obo.
Other pair is L Apline stars I beleive and they are red and black
$25 obo.

Like New Factory Yamaha Bike Cover (Its black and says Yamaha on it in white along the bottom)
$80 obo.

If you are interested in anything you can give me a call at 778 898 2426