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    510 smr?

    How reliable are they? I can't seem to get a straight answer from scouring the net.

    Valve check interval?

    Oil changes?

    When do they require a rebuild?

    City driver, weekend racer?
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    www.Supermotojunkie.com is going to be your best place to search.

    Go to the manufacturer section and you will get more info than you can imagine.

    Valves are very easy to check on the 510 and oil changes will be frequent but the fun factor of a race bred Supermoto with lights comes with a downside.........oil changes and valve checks.

    As far as engine longevity I guess that really depends on how well you look after it and change oil.

    I don't mean to be vague but many people change oil earlier or later than stated in the manual due to the way they ride the bike.

    I have a Husky 610 and I probably change the oil at 1500 kms or sooner just because it only holds 2 liters and it's peace of mind for me to do so. Literally 10 minutes and I have fresh oil and a new filter in.

    If you take the plunge you will soon learn that oil changes and valve checks are no big deal at all and if nothing else a good chance to go over your bike.

    I would PM 1dn5up here on BCSB and ask him as he has a 510 (maybe a 450) but he will give you a straight answer and I think he puts a fair amount of miles on his.

    Lastly if you are asking this question welcome to the club and the most fun you can have on a motorcycle.

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    fu@k i just typed out a whole story and when i said reply it erased it

    anyways i have a 08 510te that i have sm'ed

    it got somewhere around 4-5000kms on it(speedo don't work with my street tires)
    still going good.i change the oil alot. just checked the valves for the first time last week and they are still dead on within spec.

    perfect city bike
    perfect track bike
    sucks balls for any long distance riding.

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    Got a smr 450 here.

    Just from memory, I believe the manual says that you're supposed to do an oil change every 5000kms for city riding or every 5 hours of race. And I think you double it for valve adjustment.

    Anyhow since the range is so big we're doing the oil changes before every 2000kms or 4 track evenings, which ever comes first. (pretty much always going to be by the track hours in the summer)

    Husky is an awesome bike. Not too great if you're just planning on tooting around on the street but a great machine if you're planning on taking it to the track.
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