Atlas& S&V motorcycle world connection?
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Thread: Atlas& S&V motorcycle world connection?

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    Atlas& S&V motorcycle world connection?

    I don't quite get it, but its a fact that Atlas bought a few of the older bikes from S&V motorcycle world on king george.
    The ones i know for a fact- Red Honda CBX 6 cyl
    Blue CB550
    Black XS650.
    The XS used to belong to the owner of S&V i believe and then the owner or manager of atlas bought it, but the CB550 and CBX Atlas is trying to sell?
    Anyone wanna make any sence out of it?

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    consignment? maybe not the market motorcycle world has a foot in, whereas atlas seems to only deal in them

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    Cool svmotorcycleworld no connection

    In regards to a connection with sv and atlas, there is none other than we both sell bikes. Yes my partner sold his xs to atlas, as for the other two bikes I sold them to a private guy who in turn is either selling or consigning them at atlas, Jeez I guess my prices must be too low, naw just kidding, its called a free world. Dealers often buy from other dealers if they have a bike they require.

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    Shops, including automotive, do this all the time.

    Say, I have a shop here that has taken in 3 F350 Diesels. I'll phone up a shop in the Okanagan and see if we can do a trade or whatever because that model sells easier there.

    Same with dirt bikes etc

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    I know about dealer trades between dealerships. been there done that dozens of times. for example our fleet-lease department bought a brand new Saab to lease out..and we're a ford dealer.
    The thing about dealer trades though, theyre pre-sold in 90% cases, neither the CB550 or CBX seem to be sold.made me wonder no big deal

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