where can I find this?
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Thread: where can I find this?

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    where can I find this?

    On my zx7 the small plates that hold my brake rotors to my hubs are black and I don't know where I can get something to replace them.I'm in the middle of polishing my rims and I'm not so keen on leaving them black.I assume that because they are painted that their probably not stainless so they can't be polished.Does anybody know where I can find replacements in chrome or polished?thanks

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    iam asuming thats the carriers your talkin about.you can have them polished,i think the buttons would have to come off the rotors though.but iam not sure who would do it.you could get aftermarket ones,ebc has blue or gold ones.but i dont think you'll find any polished . hope it helps ,good luck

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