rider down again today 9 am kingsway/slocan
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Thread: rider down again today 9 am kingsway/slocan

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    rider down again today 9 am kingsway/slocan

    on my way to the shop i saw a rider down at kingsway and slocan n/e corner.
    he was on the ground somebody holding his head from moving, could not see any blood(a good sign) his helmet sitting on the roof of the offending car
    and the remains of his bike in front of it. god i hope he is ok.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rawdonflyer View Post
    holding his head from moving..............his helmet sitting on the roof
    They should have left his helmet on if they felt the need to stabilize his head, unless he had already taken it off him self or it came off during his crash.
    Hope he's okay.
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    any update?
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    Quote Originally Posted by LegalAlien View Post
    They should have left his helmet on if they felt the need to stabilize his head, unless he had already taken it off him self or it came off during his crash.
    Hope he's okay.
    Lots of reasons the helmet could be off. Usually, the person gets up and takes it off themselves, then realizes they may be hurt, or feels numbness, tingling, or sharp pains in the neck, back, or when breathing, and can be convinced to lie down (most of my experience is as a ski patroller).

    If you need to manage an airway, the helmet comes off pronto. Some argue that the helmet must always come off (my level three instructor was one of these). I have heard differing points of view on this, but for me, I don't take it off unless I need to, partly because I do my first aid on a ski hill, and the clients are usually cold.

    Never the less, there is an argument for instant helmet removal.

    It can be done without compromising c-spine control, even with a full face helmet. Usually, most people are wearing their helmets too loose. With a properly fitting helmet, it is a bit more challenging.

    I only comment on this here because this is the umpteenth time that I have seen someone comment that a helmet must never be removed, and in at least one circumstance, it is very definitely not the case.
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    I gave first aid to a suspect head and neck injured biker once.. i left the helmet on until her airway became jeopordized from blood and shit then i made the call to take it off while trying to maintain c-spien as much as possible.. i am still happy with the descision.. she never stopped breathing.. I sure hope she walked again!

    Anyhow.. hope rider is good today!!

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    The big thing would be to have the patience to very carefully pull a helmet off without any side to side wiggling and such. A properly fitted helmet comes off not too bad but you have to roll it off the back of the head just right.

    Also, if it looks like the person isn't going to make it and yet their helmet is still unscathed... Well, you know it only makes sense to check the size and stuff if it is a nice lid.

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