Holy Krap Batman - Karnage in Vancouver ...
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Thread: Holy Krap Batman - Karnage in Vancouver ...

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    Holy Krap Batman - Karnage in Vancouver ...

    saw a big cruiser down near Broadway and Birch Streets last night, and a small enduro-style bike down near Hastings and MacDonald Streets this evening.

    both incidents were in intersections and had involved cars, with my guess being left turners causing the mishap. both incidents involved more than one firetruck/ambulance ...

    It's afukkin war-zone out there !!! Ride with Kare ....

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    Kool, thanks for the reminder.

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    I was almost left-turned into today by an idiot coming out of a parking lot while I was going straight on the main road. My horn saved me.
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    i saw another one this morning on
    the way to work. i am going west on
    first ave under the freeway overpass
    and on the eastbound lane just before the traffic light at the off ramp some poor guy on his older
    70's-80's japanese standard was laying on the curb and his bike was bent up. the road was wet and greasy,it looked like he had old tires
    on the bike.probably the light went red and he grabbed a hand full of front brake and lost the front and down he went. it looked to me he was in some pain but he was moving.
    he wasn't wearing proper gear maybe it would have helped if he had
    heal up soon rider.

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