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    it has wheels

    Crazy spray paint artist

    Quote Originally Posted by Squire View Post
    That was the fastest scooter I've seen! You lapped guys on 600's on that thing. :)

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    We watched a guy in Mexico doing that on the street , at first you think it will look like crap but by the end it looks almost real . My friend had one made with a pic of mis bike on a mountain overlooking a valley , the guy said to come back next day as he needed to make a stencil for the spokes . It turned out cool , but corney, as in why is a Harley sittingon a mountain ledge on mars ??? But hey , I paint by numbers so I am not here to judge
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    Parent got back from Mexico and brought this picture of a pyramid. I thought it was a photograph... nope. Spray paint.
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    none :(
    There used to be a guy doing that on Robson Street.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GSXRKK6 View Post
    There used to be a guy doing that on Robson Street.

    Saw the same guy a couple times. Does great work.

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