What to look for/ask when buying a used bike
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Thread: What to look for/ask when buying a used bike

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    What to look for/ask when buying a used bike

    just wondering what y'all think a guy should look for when "inspecting" a used sport bike for possible purchase. What are some good questions to also ask the owner?

    i have my eye on a 04 honda cbr 600rr for sale but even though it may look good in a picture i want to make sure i do my best to avoid underlying problems down the road....

    thanks for the help,


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    is it stock ( all original?
    if not - what has been changed?
    first owner or not?
    ever been crashed?
    why r u selling?
    check the maintenance schedule the owner carried out
    compression test
    any oil leaks?
    chain condition (poor chain means other possible probs)
    market value of similar sales
    if it was ever stored - how had it been prepared (steel tanks can rust inside)
    ever been raced/on a track?
    was it wheelied alot/ever?
    general condiiton ...

    You are probably well advised to have a shop/professional you know/trust to look it over before you agree to buy, if you are asking this question in this forum ... for there are many things that could be wrong which could be expensive or dangerous.

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    if he was the original owner?
    why he is selling?
    was it maintained?
    by a shop? yes...ask for the records
    that model had reg/rec issues...was it fixed? new battery?

    after the chat look at the chain..should be clean, no rust. Adjusted properly..
    The foot peg feelers. Adverage rider will never get them down..
    Shifter/rear brake tips, how worn are they? < 20,000. should be new condition..
    Tire wear...flat in the center, new on the sides = not rode too hard.
    Look at the brake pads...new are about 3/16 thick...
    Listen to the engine running and at temp...no major ticking, shut off then re start...should start in a blink with no throttle

    bring a friend that knows bikes....
    Do a carfax check... and a lien search....

    Good luck!
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    This site has a pretty comprehensive list of things to look for. I don't know much about bikes, and this list really helped out (I just bought my first bike).

    Of course, it doesn't replace a thorough going-over by a mechanic...

    Adam Glass' Used Motorcycle Evaluation Guide

    Good luck!

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    Sounds like you are really green, best advice, bring a friend or acquaintance who knows bikes.

    First impressions are important, trust them...be it the seller and/or the bike.

    Insist the seller NOT start the bike before you get there....you want to hear it start from cold.
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    Good points above. Ideally, meet the seller at a reputable shop to have the bike checked out.

    If that's not feasible, take someone with you who knows bikes.

    If that's also not doable, educate yourself on how to check out used bikes.

    Best of luck with your purchase!

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