I have decided to sell my Delica if anyone is interested, I enjoy change and I think a project would be fun.

It is a 1989 Mitsubishi Delica 2.5 litre turbo diesel. it has around 168 xxxkm. Chamonix edition with cold weather package (dual battery setup) I purchased it from maximum overdrive about 2 and a half years ago. I just upgraded the brakes to the newer 2 piston brakes (work done by CVI in Richmond) this was an $1100 upgrade and it was worth it for the braking power. Other work done by CVI while I have owned the vehicle includes: rebuilding the injection pump, the Delica Tune (ultrasonic cleaning of diesel injectors) and I also had the alternator replaced.

The things I have added to the delica since I got it are:
-surco roof basket (safari)
-15x7 inch white steel rims
-BFG 31" Mud terrains 4 with around half tread remaining and one new spare in the roof basket
-12" Grant steering wheel with anti theft device (detachable steering wheel with key 'no wheel no steal')
-Alpine media stereo ($500+ new a year and a half ago)

There are more little things... side exit exhaust (2.5" straight pipe) it is fairly loud, I don't find it annoying though and the turbo sounds wonderful.
As well as a 1" lift in the back with metal monkeys shackles specially built for the delica.

Now here are the things that take away value from all the things i've done to it...

Firstly it has been used as a 4x4. Nothing too "extreme" by my standards, but it has been banged around and there is some damage to the body work because of it. I have probably only taken it off road 10-20 times and mostly just to play around. I'm not scaling mountains every weekend.
It has also been in a collision. I rear ended a dodge neon when they hit the car in front of them. It bent the bull bars up in the front which you cannot see in the picture, but it drives exactly the same as it did before that happened. During the same incident it was bumped from behind as well, but this just bent the rear bumper down slightly. The entire value of the damage to the van did not exceed $1000 I am being very honest about this vehicle because I am selling it for less than it is worth.

One 4 wheeling bump on the front right bumper, where the paint chipped off it is rusting but that can just be cleaned and painted.

Needs new tie rod ends, I will probably get this done in the next couple weeks at cvi but I will be more motivated with offers if I don't have to take it to Richmond to get it done.

This is an awesome truck and I will definitely miss it, but i'd like to work on something else and let someone else have fun with it.
I am at BCIT right now during the day but usually home around 3 in Port Moody (Just off clarke) if you want to come by.

Just shoot me a pm

Thanks for looking