Park Smart: Stopping vs. Parking In Vancouver- What's the Difference?
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Thread: Park Smart: Stopping vs. Parking In Vancouver- What's the Difference?

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    Park Smart: Stopping vs. Parking In Vancouver- What's the Difference?

    Bet you didn't know you can park in a no parking zone legally.

    Print out this page and keep it with you to fight off the bylaw officers.

    Last sentence of the page reads:

    Motorists can PARK SMART by not using any zone with the No Stopping Anytime symbol. For a quick stop taking less than 5 minutes, motorists should look for the No Parking Anytime symbol.
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    Good to know.
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    From reading that page, I think this is an important sentence:

    ... other than up to 5 minutes for the purpose of and while actually engaged in loading or unloading of merchandise or discharging or taking on passengers.
    From how I read it, I think you may still be in violation if you're simply running an errand that takes less than 5 minutes (e.g. grabbing a cup of coffee from a store) and not just loading/unloading.

    Good to know none the less.

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    For the coffee stop, I'd argue I was 'loading merchandise', but I think Fell is right. The 5 mins provision doesn't appear to be open season to park for any reason. Either way, I'll be using this info. Thx Shovelhead.

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    I was taught that you can briefly stop in a No Parking Zone, but you cannot park (or stop) in a No Stopping Zone.

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    Outta the loop with Vancouver MC parking here the skinny

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