Recommendation on welder / exhaust shop
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Thread: Recommendation on welder / exhaust shop

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    Recommendation on welder / exhaust shop

    I have a stainless steel exhaust system on my car that I need to have modified. Can any of you recommend someone that can weld stainless steel, preferably in the Richmond area? I do not need the exhaust tubes bent, merely welded.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Ray from RDC Welding 2421B Columbia St, Port Moody, BC, V3H3R
    Phone 604-936-8559.
    He's the owner and probably one of the craziest welders in th LM or BC for that matter. He's done stuff for Ballard Power (fuel cells etc, Western Titanium and tons of other high tech tolerance critical mfgs. I am positive you will be really impressed with his capabilities. Won't charge you an arm or a leg either. If the welds are going to be visible, he's the guy want doing them. I know you requested Richmond, but Ray is worth the drive.
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    There is a shop in Port Coquitlam called mufflertech. He specializes in mandrel bent stainless exhaust systems. He also does header fabrication from scratch.

    He will work on anything, cars, trucks, harleys, sportbikes, doesn't matter.

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