good software to burn dvds from avi files
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Thread: good software to burn dvds from avi files

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    good software to burn dvds from avi files

    i used to use nero vision express.. but my install cd is scratched and it won't load.

    anyone recommend another software i can use to create DVDs from avi files? divx format.. i'm dealing with 700mb to 1.2 gb input files.. and i need the software to make em 4gb for the dvd..

    suggestions? should i just buy a new nero? (mine is like 4 years old but worked fine)

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    it's called torrents, they're free... but not necessarily legal. But they're free.

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    I'll use this from time to time.

    Nero 9 mostly.
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    so, someone encoded (and compressed) a dvd file into a completely different codec so you could easily download it, and now you want to take this file (that contains a fraction of the information from the original dvd), and convert it BACK into dvd format?

    can you say 'lossy format'?

    why not just try to grab the original dvd iso and burn that instead?
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    DeVeDe is your friend. I use it on my BSD box but there is a Windoze version available. Actually, I just put it on my Win7 X64 box and it works fine. It is totally free and very easy to use. You have an option to export the avi to dvd files or an iso image. I use the iso format then I use CDBurnerXP (also free) to burn the iso. Works great every time. Post up if ya have any questions and I'll help ya out

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    I just use Nero Vision. Works great.

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    Always really liked Nero. Sonic came with my new comp and works pretty well. Nero gets by some of the copy write tricks.
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