Thought I'd try to make a contributing post, good for all. Just saw and heard a nice solid rear-ender onto Lion's Gate northbound just after merging lane in car in front. Heard the wheels lockup for a couple seconds, then bam/crunch/smash. Recently wet roads, older import going a little too fast (younger inexperienced boy/girl/student). So, if I'd been riding a little more aggressive/defensive, I would have been in front of this little old non abs red import car (I emphasis old import, cause it's cheap and economical perfect for new/student driver).... Tis the season. Low light, students needing to drive, wet roads, slower and unpredictable traffic flow due to low light, student drivers and wet roads. In traffic, forget aggressive, think defensive. Don't let that one, inexperienced, still adjusting to conditions cager ruin your day! Happy riding in the new season!