Suggestion for a racers sponsorship forum....
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Thread: Suggestion for a racers sponsorship forum....

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    Suggestion for a racers sponsorship forum....

    Was wondering if either one of the schools, BCSB, WRMC or an informal gathering would be appropriate for novice racers and others wanting to learn more on how the experienced racers and others get sponsorship, their tactics and ofcourse how to best maintain them and blah blah....

    P.S. feel free to post in this thread about your experiences obtaining and maintaining sponsorships.....

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    Human, good question. It is something that could be discussed for hours. Actually, people have written complete books on the subject (although I can't remember the titles). Very briefly though, you usually need to start by showing a potential sponsor what you can do for them (advertising) via a sponsorship proposal. From there you may only negotiate a discount or a small amount of product, but now you are building a relationship with that sponsor. At the track it is probably more about presentation off the track, than about results on the track, unless you are at the front of the pro class. So, you should try to make your bike and pit area look as appealing as possible with signs, banners and decals of your sponsors clearly visible. Any promotional things you can do away from the track will also help a great deal. For instance if you set up a web site for your race team and found an avenue to get people to your site, you could promote any and all sponsors. Anyways, like I said it is a huge topic but hopefully this provides you with a small amount of help. Maybe we could set up an evening for a group discussion on the subject if you and anyone else are interested in hearing more of my drivel. I am sure that if someone offered to buy the beer that Bernie could be convinced to add his wisdom on the subject as well, seeing as he used to own a shop that sponsored racers, he would have some insight into the subject. Good Luck with the chase.

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