Fairing Repair/Paint in Vancouver?
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Thread: Fairing Repair/Paint in Vancouver?

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    Fairing Repair/Paint in Vancouver?

    Looking forward to next season and was thinking of fixing the aesthetics and repainting my ride.

    I've heard good things of Leedam from Bike FX. I tried looking for a website or something but couldn't find anything.

    Could someone gimme their address/phone and location so I could swing by for a quote?

    Moreover, is it a good idea to try and fix fairing dmg's yourself? It doesn't seem you need much equipment other than some sand paper. Epoxy and fiberglass sheets I can just get from Home Depot/Canadian Tire.

    However, I'm cautious of that fact that if I scratch up my bike for the repair the paint job would skyrocket.

    Best would be a reasonable price for both fairing repair and paint.

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    search for leedam on here, theres a thread with his phone number

    does good work, saved my ass

    if you do it yourself...it'll look like you did it yourself. cheap, yes, but it'll also look cheap.

    pay a professional

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    my brother does paint. not sure about fixing fairings. pm me and I will give you his number.

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