Painting bike parts?
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Thread: Painting bike parts?

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    Painting bike parts?

    Now that there is less riding time, would be fun to fix up the old machine, remove some more worn parts from the bike, sand em down, paint em and put them back.

    Can It be done with spray cans? what kind of paint should I be looking for? any chance it would be close to the durability of stock?

    anyone have any examples / experience with this?

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    Rattle can spraypaint is not even close to proper automotive finishing

    I'm not sure what "parts" you are talking about, but if they are metal
    you'd be better off powdercoating them.
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    rattle can paint blows. What I would do if you dont have the compressor and proper gun, is fix them, sand them, primer if needed (using a good spray can of primer, meaning not plasti-coat or duplicolor. Try to find some Mar-Hyde or other high quality) get them ready for paint (everything feathered and sanded with 600-800 grit) and bring them to Maaco or other body shop for paint.

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