06 GSXR Race bodywork and Stock Exhaust
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Thread: 06 GSXR Race bodywork and Stock Exhaust

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    06 GSXR Race bodywork and Stock Exhaust

    Posted this on WMRC, but didn't get any response. Read the sticky about some custom belly pans, but not sure if something else was done. Here is the sticky in case WMRC Tech Link

    Some of the race bodywork on a GSXR doesnt allow stock exhaust to be installed?

    Anyone has a setup for mission that can shed some light?
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    You can keep the stock muffler, but you will need to cut out the cat and bend a straight pipe to replace it. The race bodywork won't fit around the cat. Muffler Man did mine for less than $100 IIRC, 7590 Kingsway
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