Buying Bike !!!few questions
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Thread: Buying Bike !!!few questions

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    Question Buying Bike !!!few questions

    Picking up my first sport bike this winter for next season, I have rode dirt bikes before, and completed a course this summer. The three models I am interested in are CBR f4, Ninja 636, and R6. Just wanted to hear from owners on here about pro's/con's of those bikes and an opinion on which bike offers the most for the money. Thanks for all your input. ( I have ridden a few different style Harley bikes and don't care for that type of bike)

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    Having dirtbike experience those three seem like reasonable choices.

    The F4 is bulletproof with a huge used-parts availability. I'd spend the extra money and go with an F4i (fuel injected as opposed to carburated). In general it will mean better throttle response and a smoother ride overall. Proven over time to be a good bike.

    A 636 can go really fast in the right hands. A more aggressive riding position than the Hondas. I've seen three develop a catastrophic motor problem resulting in a repair bill equaling the value of the bike. This does not make me want to get one but you'll get differing opinions on quality & value here.

    I've ridden a few R6's and owned one. I love them, particularly 03-05 and find the style and capability is really high for the price you pay. I've had good luck with reliability and found the bike nice to work on for basics and mods. 99-02 is similar in look (the 06 redesign is completely different from everything previous) but carburated. Nice as well. A few can be found at good prices. One thing I don't like is how light the front is. It can be twitchy in hard corners but nothing a dampener wouldn't fix.

    Good on you for shopping in the off season, and good luck.

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    out of those that you've listed, i would not even consider the cbr f4. i have ridden all three bikes and for me its a toss up between the r6 and 636. the 636 has a bit more pep, but also comes with inverted forks (better suspension on the 636 vs the r6)

    i would never want to own a cbr f4 or f4i, terrible power deliver and to me, feels like a big scooter. the cbr RR is another storey, much more well rounded. love the under tail exhaust

    one thing i hate about the 636 is the digital tach, i much perfer the r6 gauge cluster. minor thing i know, but im not a fan!

    personally, i think you should try and ride each one yourself. while the weather is still half decent, go to some dealerships and ride one from each of the bike makers. kawi, honda, yamaha, suzuki.

    one bike you never mentioned is a gsxr, that would be ontop of my list. suzuki's feel a little bigger and generally have more grunt in some of the mid 2000 models.
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