Post: Anyone ridden the Hyosung GT250R?
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Quote Originally Posted by XdtesZombie View Post
There are huge quality conntrol issues with anything made of metal from china .They throw whatever they can get in the pot so you never know what quality you may get from one batch of steel to the next.You may get one frame that holds up well and has some flex or you may get one with too much carbon content that is brittle a will crack or break.

Get your mother fucking facts straight before you make a generalized fucking comment about an entire fucking nation. Some people call this racism, and that could make you a mother fucking racist asshole.

Now, Hyosung is from Korea, and many quality products come out of China (including the afore mentioned BMW GS 650 engines). The trend seems to be increased out sourcing of product parts to China, and this includes car and motorcycle parts.