the greatest danger to Canada is ...
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Thread: the greatest danger to Canada is ...

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    the greatest danger to Canada is ...

    that pursuant to the hype about first world democratic capitalism being 'sold' to the world (by the elite and wealthy industrialists/political interests) because of this so-called "trickle down" effect (the idea that rampant business and industrial growth caused by over-consumption in our first world will have a corollary benefitial effect on even the lowest of the third world's peoples by giving them jobs - even if they do only pay ten dollars a month for slave labour - that they otherwise wouldn't have had) ...

    has an opposite side to the SAME COIN (this reality is all dualisms), which is the reverse 'law' (effect) that we in the 'free first world' will see those freedoms and securities eroding at an ever-increasing pace through what I call the "trickle-up effect" ...

    Meaning that as our polticians, public burueaucrats and corporate CEO"S travel abroad and 'see' how incredibly easy it is for their counterparts in other, less fair/controlled (corrupt) nations to skim UNJUST REWARDS off the 'top' of the pile, they too may in all likelihood begin to 'employ' more and more unfair, unjust, underhanded and surreptitious methods in securing greater riches for themselves ... to wit the obvious situations we have seen come out in the news all too often recently !!!

    ... and they'll be able to justify it to themselves with no qualms whatsoever!

    while the rest of us have to make do with the Canadaline.

    (maybe THAT"S why Canada and the US are militarizing their police forces?)

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    I would add that the Dutch community who I have found to be very honest seem to have a member of parliament who was a mayor, who has looked out for the local dutch community businessmen very well and all to his benefit. Just wait until the day we have to pay someone in a minor government postion cash (above the normal fee) to sign a document or open a gate like they do in so many countries. Canada needs to police this heavily because the next generation will buy into this concept very easily if we teach them its right. The Gaglardi's I believe, had a cute little plan where the son bought property wher flyin Phil knew roads were going to be built, so its not unheard of but its becoming way to common for my liking.

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