Good GPS deal @ Canadian Tire
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Thread: Good GPS deal @ Canadian Tire

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    Good GPS deal @ Canadian Tire

    Garmin Nuvi 255W - $150.
    Don't know much about this particular unit, but it's on sale with $200 off the original price. Can't be a bad deal . Read up some reviews first, though!

    I use a similar one (Garmin Nuvi 750) on my bike and it works great.

    Enter your postal code and the GPS will be on the first page of the flier.
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    I think for $10-20 bucks more 265WT would be a better choice. As that is exactly same as 255 + traffic feature. These are Garmin's old models, the latest ones have a slightly faster satellite detection chip.

    US deals;&e=0
    Black Friday

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    Traffic is somewhat useless around here IMO...the 265WT is at least $50 more, typically $70 based on this sale price.

    Other than that, and BT, it's the exact same unit, same maps, processor, everything.

    FYI - Next week, the 255W is on sale at LD for $150, including case, $30 value.
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