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    Jacket for my wife

    This spring I am buying my wife(Chantale) a riding jacket.
    There are so many I thought I would ask the ladies to try and narrow it down.
    I know everyone is a different "build" (tee hee) but I thought you could let me know which jackets you have and why you like them.
    She likes the look of the First Gear Kilamanjaro(I think thats what it is) or Joe Rocket Ballistic.

    Thank you ladies

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    I just got a textile Frank Thomas jacket and I love it! It's got a removeable liner and fits really well. When it's nicer weather I have a Ladies Venom two piece outfit that I wear. I got my jacket from RMS.. and my two piece from BK. Check out their selection!
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    I love my JoeRocket Ballistic.
    I also love my leather Teknic Ladies Venom!
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    My first jacket was the JoeRocket bomber (or ballistic not sure) stlye and second one is a JoeRocket leather (don't know exact name got it from BK) but i luv them both , well the bomber one i luv a lil more just because its not so heavy as leather , but the leather one i feel alot safer in i usually wear for long trips or wear either one depending on what jacket do i feel like wearing for the ride today

    what ever she feels most comfortable with on while sitting on the bike, i made the mistake of buying a jacket and then going home couple days later put it on went for a ride and well it fit differently standing up then sitting leaned over on the bike, so i had to go back exchange it and after trying others on i went into the show room and sat on bikes to see how they fit

    good luck

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