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    Hello I got tech question

    Hey Fellow riders,
    It been a while since i been on the forum and basically taking intrest in my sport bike, as i got a new toy.
    But I still love my sport bike and i will never sell her!! she my one and only!
    anyway she been sit my garage for a while, about 5 months. I would say i haven't started or ridden her since the end september. Before that i put chevron 94 octane fuel, fuel stabilizer and hooked the battery up to a charger.
    Anyway tonight i had the urge to hear her roar!! So i fired her up and she came to life on the 1st start as always. however it was kinda a ruff start and eventually a lot of white smoke and the idle seemed kinda ruff also. Maybe I think it just been sitting too long! Or maybe bad fuel, or is there anything else i can do to ensure the mechanically condition of my 07 kawi zx14..
    Thanks, POST Up

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    Wouldn't worry too much about the smoke for now - just moisture in the exhaust that got burned off on startup most likely. Fuel stabiliser usually keeps the fuel good for around a year. Did you let the engine run for 10 minutes after you added the stabiliser so it got down into the injectors? Click the link in my sig for how to store a bike fully.
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    the lady needs some T L C warm her up maybe take her out sounds like she needs run time
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