What was that round orange thing in the sky today?
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Thread: What was that round orange thing in the sky today?

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    What was that round orange thing in the sky today?

    it was orage, emitted some kinda of light, and heat, and was surrounded by blue. I think I have seen it befire, vut its been a loooong time.

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    A streetlight that came on early. If you were following it, you may have gone round in circles for a while.
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    That was just me rippin down 91 at light-speedin the orange bomber, rockin the heated grips!
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    Heard that you people on the wet coast are getting deluged more than normal as of late. Here, we haven't had any appreciable precipitation in over a month! Sure glad that I got a quad instead of a sled this winter.
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    I don't understand, I put on my leathers, warmed up my bike, went for a ride, and didn't arrive back at home soaking wet and cold. Is this normal? Maybe I'm not using the right octane...
    Mmmm, Chickenstrips.

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    I still love my car, especially in these cold, dark days.
    I put my coffee in the holder, turn on the butt-warmers, adjust the air conditioning, and crank the tunes.
    Yeah. It's real tough giving up riding in the winter.
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