Where to buy inexpensive quality shirts & accessories?
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Thread: Where to buy inexpensive quality shirts & accessories?

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    Where to buy inexpensive quality shirts & accessories?

    Does anyone know where to find a place that sells shirts which take cufflinks and not break the bank? (Also accessories such as tie clips and cufflinks.)

    So far just by browsing I've only found one store in metrotown, but they have only one style of white shirt, nothing fancy or casual.

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    Selection in Vancouver is terrible. Everyone sells shitty deparment store brands that only fit Jim-Bob-from-the-trailer-park -turned daytrader; most non-obese people look like they're swimming in a sea of fabric when they wear them.

    Custom shirts are the way to go; usually, if you order more than 5 or 6, you can get the price down to around $60-100. I've heard rumors of a place around here that does them; it may be www.theperfectshirt.ca, but the site is down. Calgary has a few good places, and Toronto has one for every MP.

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    Try the little shop right at the lights, Main and 21st in Van, west side of the crosswalk.
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    Wait for Maxwell's to come to town, if you can wait. Excellent quality for a pretty killer price.
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