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    Crazy Statistic

    I'm sitting here watching the morning news and the stat for last night is 7 pedestrians hit in 6 different incidents. Wow is no one looking where their going or what. Between drivers not being carefull enough and pedestrians not figring out that if you argue with a car when your on foot "You're Gonna Lose"
    Go figure!
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    Turn the news off and watch Penguins of Madagascar, much more entertaining...
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    'groomed' unconsciusness ...

    Paul - in this world (of ours in Canada) where protocols, definitions and entitlement 'rule the roost' ... people have become so inured to believing that it is their RIGHT to anything and everything (ie: pedestrian's RIGHT to cross the street HERE and NOW) that the above reported pedestrian disaster is an (unintended) by-produced effect .

    What happens is that when one idiot wearing black clothes on a rainy night gets toasted crossing somewhere ('cause they weren't watching and neither was the driver who might have been texting) and the city will immediately run out and erect a special, pedestrian-activated lights flashing/sirens wailing/flourescent paint-lined crosswalk so that unawake, non-thinking and only semi-conscious pedestrians can walk up to the street and WITHOUT LOOKING or THINKING push a friggen button to STOP ALL THE TRAFFIC FLOW (even at a busy moment) so that the pedestrian can excercise their RIGHT to safely walk across the street in sonmolent, soporific stupidity.

    Of course this, rather than that pedestrain waiting three minutes until that 'wave' of vehicles has passed so he or she can cross safely WITHOUT inconveniencing 40 vehicles to having to stop (using energy resources) and then re-accelerate again (using waaay more energy resources).

    It's all a symptom of knee-jerk reactions caused by only partially thinking and narrow-minded policy and decision-makers thinking that "Oh - we have to make sure that the idiot out there is safer"!!

    And what do they do now - to make the average pedestrian/public even MORE 'asleep at the wheel' cognitively ... ? They have come up with FLASHING TV-SCREEN-STYLE FLASHING BILLBOARDS ON THE SIDES OF BUSES !!!

    Uh-huh - rolling tv billboards!

    Brilliance ... pure brilliance - razzle/dazzle 'em and blind/distract car drivers even more - (makes alota sense to me !!).

    It's a product of our over-protectionist, 'we (the government) will think for you' culture. And isn't it a desire to break away from all that that is but one of the reasons we all ride motorcycles (a wee bit of risk in the morning!)?

    rant over
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    the amount of people i see with umbrella's blocking their field of view ,or oblivious on the ipod texting someone stepping off a curb ,I'm surprised its not an epidemic .Just because the sign says walk ,doesn't mean cars magically stop and everyone pays attention .Sometimes pedestrians bring it on themselves ,personally the whole "i have a right to be here " when faced with a 4000 pound car just doesn't resonate as well sitting in a hospital bed with your pride in a bed pan

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    Whether pedestrians have the right-of-way or not (usually they do) it amazes me how many pedestrians (and some vehicle operators) will assert their “rights” but refuse to make eye contact or even the slightest acknowledgement that a vehicle is approaching which may or may not have a profound effect on whether they live, die or suffer injury!
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    I've seen a few people almost get run over in my street, just in the last week. It's amazing how many people will just step out into the road without even looking to see if there's traffic coming. The annoying thing is it will usually be the car driver who's found at fault, because ICBC can't raise the yearly cost of walking
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    An idea whose time has come!

    Quote Originally Posted by Sky View Post
    The annoying thing is it will usually be the car driver who's found at fault, because ICBC can't raise the yearly cost of walking
    Perhaps a tax on shoe leather is in order!!!
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    i had a guy a few weeks ago cross 152 at fraser hwy (not at the lights). he walked out, looking at my car the whole time as i got closer and closer, as he just kept walking, right into my path. i didnt even touch the brakes. finally after about 5 seconds i get up to his location, while he, still walking, JUST makes it into the other lane as i pass. I check my rear view mirror to see him flipping the bird. i returned the favor. if i ever get hit by a car, its my fault. i dont care if its at a cross walk. i can see a car coming from a mile away. its not hard to take 2 seconds and move if i need to.

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    I think pedesterians in Vancouver are just stupid. They presume that cars will stop for them. 99.9% of the cars will, but I would never take that 0.1% chance. I mean, I jay-walk more than any person I know. This comes from travelling a lot and well, in congested roads with far apart intersections means you have to jay-walk. But for fuck's sake do it smartly, people! Wait for the cars to pass, then go. That's apparently too hard for some people. I don't wish upon any pedestrian to get hit by a car to learn their lesson but sometimes I just want to break their legs with a baseball bat. It's normal to feel this way, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by K-rod View Post
    What happens is that when one idiot wearing black clothes on a rainy night gets toasted crossing somewhere ('cause they weren't watching and neither was the driver who might have been texting) ....
    Last evening when I was in my car driving around there were few instances where it was really hard to see the pedestrian. In all these cases they were wearing dark grey/black rain jacket + dark umbrella (nothing shiny or light colored reflecting off from their body). On well lit intersections the cloth coloring etc doesn't matter but on others, I would say the pedestrian should make sure that all vehicles have stopped or are stopping before they step on the road.
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    Quote Originally Posted by silverD View Post
    Turn the news off and watch Madagascar, much more entertaining...
    Here ya go Don. I fixed it for you!! Very true though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Argyle View Post
    Its called thinning the heard
    It's's your sign. LOL. I say for one day take all the gov imposed safety measures off and let society make choices and then make them live with those choices. If they survive of course. I'll be out there with my SUV that day, seat belt buckled and airbags turned on going over the speed limit just to make sure those I do hit don't suffer too much.

    I hate that soceity continues to cater to the lowest common denominator when we should be letting Darwin take care of things for a while. Survival of the species depends on it. This gene pool needs some chlorine FFS.

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