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    My what?

    Craigslist posting

    Any thoughts on this?

    Death of a Rider
    Date: 2009-12-01, 11:44PM PST
    Reply to: see below

    Police Office Not Charged after killing young rider in Delta last Oct!
    The same Corporal, who tazered the man at the airport now walks from a drunk driving charge, which was recommended by the Delta Police.
    Sadly the Crown does not value Motorcycle riders!
    It is to bad there was not some way to express our displeasure / unhappiness.
    A silent vigil out side the Surrey courhouse when he is arainged on obstruction charges early next week (?) might be one way.
    A few riders of all types, ages and bikes, silently, quietly honoring one of us, that was rundown / killed by a policeman who will not be charged with that crime!
    How about it? Any suggestions or maybe no one cares?
    Ride for today because tomorrow who knows/

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    Looks like he got a free pass because he's a cop. Pretty lame. If that was someone else, would it still be the same?

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    He pulled the "I took a couple of drinks after the accident" gag. People were talking about that trick when I started driving in the early 80's. Guess it still works.

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    He was charged today with obstruction of justice for that stunt. Let's hope it sticks.
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    was on news last night with the mother and the MAD's president...they are pissed! very clear he was drunk, went away then came back to the scene...

    rider was 20 ....

    If the cop gets off there is no justice...

    There have been other cops killing inocent people...I remember the one on 22nd and boundry....I drove by it...a husband and wife? killed...cop never charged...kept quiet on the news...

    cops are just people....they fuck up just like us and should be treated the same when they fuck up...even treated with more severe justice since they should know better
    Remembering Bill Mclean.
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    Never thought I'd be writing something like this.
    I was just coming home this evening Surrey on 96th and a cop comes blazing up a blind hill with his lights on, passing a car across the solid lines. I was in my truck just cresting the hill and could not see them. I see him just in time and managed to swerve, but he almost clipped me. If I was on my motorcycle this could have been another story.
    He/She had better have been on the way to a murder!
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