How long before WE see this -- From the UK
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Thread: How long before WE see this -- From the UK

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    How long before WE see this -- From the UK

    Motorcyclists at the head of a group of riders will face stiffer penalties for
    speeding under a crown court ruling.

    Being the lead rider in a group is an aggravating factor making you partly
    responsible for speeding offences of those behind you according to the decision.

    The ruling can be applied in any future cases where two or more motorcyclists
    riding together are accused of speeding. The head rider might be only a few mph
    over the limit but could be given the same penalty as the worst offender behind.

    Road traffic solicitor Robert Dobson said: "Any crown court decision can be
    stated in future cases. This is potentially a very dangerous judgement for

    "Riders in a group change position frequently.

    "If you are riding at the front any group at excess speed, then the very fact
    you're at the front is an aggravating factor."

    Ken Clark, 49, reached 85mph on his Yamaha R1 while leading a group of three
    riders on the 60mph A272 near Rogate, Sussex, last June.

    The speed is within the usual threshold for a fixed penalty of three points and
    a £60 fine.

    But Chichester Crown Court ruled he should receive the same penalty as a
    following rider accused of going 103mph.

    Barrister notes on the ruling given to Clark after the hearing state: `Although
    his was the lesser speed, [the bench] found it an aggravating feature that he
    was the lead motorcyclist, was setting the pace and he knew that the other two
    motorcyclists would want to catch him up and would be speeding to do so.'

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    Wow, sounds like BS, and way too much subjectivity in the mix.
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    Lawyer =Asshole! Not much different than our street racing law.

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    Oh cool. Suddenly the lead rider is responsible for the actions of the whole group.

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    This law in the Uk seems to assume that the group is a collective, and is ticketed accordingly. A ridiculous notion that the lead must bear the brunt of the charge.

    so does it work the other way around too?

    Typically speaking, at least in my limited experience, the faster riders will lead, or ride in the front, with the slower behind.

    So if these lead riders were pulled over for going to fast, would those following be ticketed too, even if they were under the limit?
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    So from the original post, the rider BEHIND was going over 20mph faster than the lead rider? If so, how can the cops say they were even in the same group?
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    That is just stupid. I have no control over the actions of other riders in the group. If the other rider slows down for some reason and then speeds up and is going faster than I am in order to catch up, I can be found guilty of (their) speeding, even if I am doing the speed limit. Jeez and people wonder why the general public has les and less respect for the justice system.

    We should start a pool to see how long it takes before the police or Crown try this on a group ride in BC.
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    ^ it's called the legal system now, and not the justice system, for a good reason.

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