VIDEO: Godzilla vs. Super Snake: MT pits Nissan vs. Shelby in amusingly epic battle
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Thread: VIDEO: Godzilla vs. Super Snake: MT pits Nissan vs. Shelby in amusingly epic battle

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    VIDEO: Godzilla vs. Super Snake: MT pits Nissan vs. Shelby in amusingly epic battle

    Recently, we ran a little poll in which we asked which car would you prefer: A Nissan GT-R or a Ford Shelby Mustang GT500? The results – which aren't too surprising – had just over two thirds of you rooting and tooting for Godzilla. And that's all fine. However, someone pointed out that the contest should have been between Godzilla and the new Shelby Super Snake. Well guess what?

    Thankfully, Motor Trend has totally obliged you. In this video, the 412-horsepower and 393 pound-feet of torque (at the wheels, people, at the wheels) Nissan GT-R takes on the 635 hp and 581 lb-ft of torque Shelby GT500 Super Snake do the quarter-mile. The results? We're going to make you jump to find out, but we aren't surprised. At all. But then again, we've driven both cars (in fact, this appears to be the exact 2010 GT-R we drove). We will however say hats off to our buddy Ed Loh at MT for making such a fun video. Click here to watch it. Thanks to Pete for the tip!

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    * Dull.

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    The Shelby Cobra is always at a disadvantage because of poor weight distribution due to gold chains and date rape.
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    Yet another reason I'm glad I hate Ford.
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    AWD FTW.

    It's great have bragging rights with the large numbers on paper, but if you can't hook up all that oomph to the pavement, you're SOL.
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    Was watching the speed channel recently with supercar races around a track.

    The 800-1000 HP all wheel drive Porsche's had a clear advantage over every other 1000-2000 HP two wheel drive car out there - including a 2000 HP Lambo. Some of which just slid all over the track in the turns. This is with racing tires.

    Awesome sight.
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