So, what are you doing this Saturday?

Have you ever been to one of those stuffy awards ceremonies where people get all dressed up to sip on some mystery wine and schmooze with some jaw-bone you dont even know?

Or have you ever had to listen to some stuffed sausage gloat as they get an award while you sit there showing everybody your awesome golf clap skills which you've been using to cleverly disguise just how bored out of your skull you really are?

Well, we are putting on a ceremony, but at Supermoto USA NW, thats not the way we roll.

This Saturday, our awards ceremony will involve actually riding your motorcycle, rubbing some elbows, and talking some serious trash.

Yes, we are going to give away awards so expect some clapping, but
more importantly, you will get to ride your motorcycle on an arenacross track exclusively with other supermoto riders.

Your rain tires will work just fine, but if you have a set of knobs they''ll
work just a bit better. And on a special note, we have it that Lee is going to keep the track supermoto friendly.

So plan on coming out to the Evergreen State Fairgrounds this Saturday morning.

If you only want to watch, that's cool -- there's no admission fee. If you want to ride its only $30.

For the riders, you will get 4 hours of seat time and free admission to the arenacross event that afternoon and evening.

Times: December 12, 8 am-noon.
Location: Evergreen State Fairgrounds, Bull Arena
(entry is on the same side as the main entrance for the fairgrounds, but one drive way past).

The 2009 Supermoto USA NW/WHR Motorsports Supermoto Challenge is brought to you by I-90 Motorsports.

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