I bought a "fixxer-upper" 98 vtr1000 - AKA "fire storm".
I need a few parts, not necessarily in this order, but here it goes...
Left rad (mine has been fixed, but I still want to replace it)
Left clip on (mine's been welded, but I'm not too confident with that.)
Left mag/engine cover (if yours has light scratches that's ok)
stock bar ends
stock windscreen
stock pipes with mid-pipes
All plastics except front fender
front wheel
left mirror and mounting nuts
both clutch and brake levers
shift/gear lever , mine is only missing the rubber knob and peg for your foot to hit the shifter. Or a whole new left rearset.
the lock mechanism for the seat release (I have the cable, just no spot for key to into). Or a whole new lock set with 2 keys

Instead of all this, I am also considering parting the thing out. It has a clean British Columbia titled frame. motor with 70,000kms on it (I honestly don't know if they were hard use or not), and basically all else you can see in the picture.

Basically I'm on the fence on which way I'll go.