2010 Yamahas Banned from Canadian Superbike
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Thread: 2010 Yamahas Banned from Canadian Superbike

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    2010 Yamahas Banned from Canadian Superbike

    I received an Email from a friend back east containing this link. Seems that Colin Fraser is playing God again, seriously unpopular move. Back in the mid 90's roadracing was pretty sparsely supported and attended at Shannonville and no machines were banned. This is ridiculous. Just because Fraser's pockets aren't being lined by Yamaha they aren't allowed to compete. I hope all manufacturers defect and form their own series. Looks like "Big business" has finally come to Canadian Superbike: No love, just money.

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    Nevermind the Corporation. Talk about shitting all over Privateers that are geared up to buy 2010 Yamahas. What a dumbfuck. Even back when he was doing that Motorcycling show on TSN I thought he was a schmo.
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    Too much DMG blood in his body. This will screw up Canadian racing even more than the AMA (DMG) series. To ban a bike just because the manufacturer does not have the finances to support the series will lead to a "Spec" series with everyone on the same bike. This is so boring (like NASCAR!). I enjoy watching racing because of the machinery and the differences between the machines as much as observing the talent of the riders. I hope the other manufacturers also pull funding from this series and someone with some integrity set up an alternative series.
    There are only 4 scheduled weekends of racing next year, not even going to be an event at Shannonville.
    This is also a clear case of extortion. You don't sponsor the series your bikes will be banned and you will sell fewer bikes, so you pay up or else.
    We should all contact TSN and their advertisers and say we will not watch the Superbike series on TSN next year because we want to see Yamahas racing.
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    If the other manufacturers are assisting by paying to race, why not Yamaha as well? You have to admit there is a lot less money and fewer participants in Canada, everyone who wants to race helps costs and supports the business by helping foot the bill.

    It doesn't seem fair but that's true about a lot of things in life. Too bad it had to come to this.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CaribooBC View Post
    There are only 4 scheduled weekends of racing next year, not even going to be an event at Shannonville.
    And the Calgary round is very, very iffy - the lease issues with Race City and the City of Calgary have not been ironed out.

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