Ceramic coated exhausts protect panniers and pillions
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Thread: Ceramic coated exhausts protect panniers and pillions

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    Ceramic coated exhausts protect panniers and pillions

    Many of today’s sport bikes feature high, exposed pipes and exhaust systems that are routed close to the rear seat. Zircotec says its coating keeps the pipes cool enough to prevent damage to panniers or injury to your passenger should they touch the pipes. Zircotec has a track record of developing and supplying ceramic coatings for car manufacturers and motorsport teams, and is looking to expand their market to everyday motorcyclists. Once applied, the coating acts as a thermal barrier and keeps the outside surface of the exhaust cool.
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    I've seen a couple of ceramic coated pipes, they still get damn hot. Not as hot as stock, but you still can't put your hand on them at all.
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    I had that done to some R65 pipes years ago when the blueing was starting to rust. They called it Plasma spraying back then but same idea. Only plain alloy silver though, no fancy dyes.

    They did still get hot though.

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    it depends on the quality of the coating you get, but some of them are pretty amazing how much they reduce the temperature. My DC header on my car was coated inside and outside by a shop in seattle by the previous owner, after a long driver or a few laps around the autocross track you could still pop the hood and put your hand right on the header.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LegalAlien View Post
    I"d like that on my headers. Black em out.
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