Anyone dealth with Shoei warranty before?
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Thread: Anyone dealth with Shoei warranty before?

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    Anyone dealth with Shoei warranty before?

    The locking thingy that lets ya crack the visor open or lock it for those ... speed limit rids, kinda broke.
    Anyone dealt with their warranty services before? What am I looking at here?
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    Go to a local shop that sells helmets that you have some goodwill with, they should have a bin of spare helmet parts. Burnaby Kawi has helped me out that way before.

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    I have a RF-1000,
    Emailed the customer service because I had a slight issue of the visor not completely sealing wind when at speed with visor closed.
    They sent me new hardware mounting units that attach visor to helmet, and a procedure on how to adjust the fitment of the visor onto the helmet.

    I never even had to prove that I owned a Shoei helmet.
    All the customer service guy asked for was a mailing address to send me the stuff.

    In the end I didn't even need the new hardware, I just adjusted the visor fitment per the procedures they sent and it work like a charm.

    Looking at my old email. the address was ""
    PM if you want more details.
    I've got a phone number and contact info from a email reply.
    But its from July of 2006.

    I hope this helps.

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