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    Sportbike Fairings

    Seems that there are a lot of fairings choices here and I am thinking about it. At least a lot cheaper than stock fairings. Has anybody ordered this before and how do they fit?

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    From what I've seen, the Honda ones aren't TOO bad, you still might have to drill a hole in the odd tab etc. The Yammi and zook ones though, stay away.

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    I've heard of decent fitment and poor fitment. I've only seen poor fitment (about 5 different bikes). What I've done in the past is buy some slightly scratched oem fairings on a forum or ebay or locally from chopshop. These are usually 50-70% less than new oem. Then get them painted. I can recommend a really good painter in richmond.

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    It's hit and miss with these guys but from the few kit's the Duc guys are putting on, they all end up fitting it's just the amount of work to get them to fit in the end differs.
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