Shout out to VSM!
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Thread: Shout out to VSM!

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    Shout out to VSM!

    Two different shops told me my stator was shot and it would cost $450 for the part.When I went to the second shop I said I want them to check the bike over before I drop $450 on a stator and he guaranteed me it was the stator.I bought it for $450. Installed it, and guess what? STILL NOT WORKING. I took my bike to VSM and they found out it was a connector problem. The bitch of the thing is that VSM had a stator for $190, which I didn't need anyway but....$190 instead of $450. BTW, the second shop told me it would be $300 but when i went to pick it up it was.. "Oops sorry that was for a different part, this one is $450."

    This is just one of those 'costly' , live and learns. Yes, I know, I should have done this or that but you'd think taking it to two different mechanics would be reliable. Anyway, my bike is running great now!!

    Go to VSM. Get it fixed right the first time.

    My little x-mas gift to you.

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    I went to VSM and all I got was...

    Glad to see you got sorted!
    There are those who have, and those who will, but not those who won't.

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    I love VSM. They are my source of insperation...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Big Green Meany View Post
    I love VSM. They are my source of insperation...
    Ahhhh... yes. we love your new exhaust. It's a source of pride that the community will enjoy.

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    Ah yes, big thanks to VSM for my exhaust too... pissing my neighbors off for nearly two years now!

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