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    Techmount GPS holder

    Am considering the Stem mount unit for a Garmin Nuvi GPS unit or else a RAM stem mount. I prefer the clean looks and simplicity of the Techmount so am leaning towards it. Quick question as my GPS is down in the car; is there an industry standard bolt pattern on the back of these GPS units that would let me bolt it directly onto the stem mount or would I still need an adapter that clips on to the unit before mounting it to the stem cell mount? The link below is for the Techmount in question.

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    I have two Techmount units, one for the radar detector and one for the GPS. For the radar detector I just have velcro glued on the mount and detector, works great.

    For the GPS I found that the holes on the plate more or less matched with the holes on the mount for the Garmin Base I have for the GPS60 CSx. I don't think there is an "industry standard" but this worked fine for me.

    You can also deal direct with Techmount at

    that is what I did, you can also call and talk to them at (866) 341-4192, very approachable and likely they can answer your specific question if you call them..
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    FYI - No industry standard.
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