Infraction for flowrider: Insulted or flamed other Member(s)
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Thread: Infraction for flowrider: Insulted or flamed other Member(s)

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    Infraction for flowrider: Insulted or flamed other Member(s)

    Post: My buddy Sky
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    Infraction: Insulted or flamed other Member(s)
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    Quote Originally Posted by slingshot View Post

    Finally, I believe that it is appropriate to shine a light on the rest of the management here. Condoning these actions when you knew what he did was wrong makes this an act committed by all of you. You have totally been his enablers in assisting him to commit acts of vindictiveness and abuses of the power you gave him. Would you support him if the moral situation were the same and the actions different? Say for example if he was a schoolyard bully, child molester or wife beater? Your failure to oppose Jeckyll means that you support him, and I'm not sure you want to be associated with this.

    The only moderator on here who has displayed any comprehension, good judgement and a desire for a just and fair outcome has been CHIA. If it were not for his PM's counselling patience, tolerance and calmness, this whole event would have unfolded in a very different way. As it stands, we are giving him a chance to help you all do the right thing for now, and you should consider yourselves fortunate to have him as part of your team.

    I call for the removal of Jeckyll as a moderator due to HIS OWN actions. I further propose that he be banned for at least 30 days to reflect on his behaviour and to send a message to the subscribers here that there truly is a zero tolerance policy on here when it comes to abusive behaviour.

    It's the internet. You talk about it as if this is real life and the consequences dire. If you think that a banning is equivalent to wife beating or child molestation you have way too much time on your hands and need to step away from the computer. And to say because we didn't jump to your defence or to Sky's and show public support mean that we are just as bad, shows how truly ignorant and selfish you are. You have NO idea what debates have gone on in Mod Chat. NONE.

    But thank you for your comments. I have now lost any and all respect for you. I take great offense to your analogies and another Mod can ban me for flaming you but to you a great big... Fuck you.


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